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Protect My Car

Your engine, transmission, steering - they can fail at any time.  Don't let yourself get stranded with a broken vehicle and a massive bill.

Get Breakdown Protection
Protect My Home

Your AC, stove, dishwasher - will always give out when you least expect it. Don't let those unexpected costs double your stress.


Over 2,000,000 Assets Protected

With over two million policies written over the past 35 years, the Good Guides are backed by the best of the best. Accredited by the BBB and partnered with over 86,000 Vehicle Service centers. Our administrator doesn't squabble - they take care of you.  

Seriously, Who Does This?

The Good Guides do what all the others wont. A rock-solid guarantee, ZERO interest payments, and our no-inspection policy shows our 100% trust in YOU.

Your family and your greatest assets deserve to be protected — free of hassle.

30 Day Guarantee
No Contracts
0% Interest
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What our customers are saying...

"Peace of mind"

It's not easy for me to save for emergencies, but having a protection plan has given me the peace of mind to know that I'm protected, with a simple payment and no interest. I love it and recommend it to all my friends!

Denise W
"Such a tremendous blessing"

So grateful for all your help after my accident and getting my repairs and reimbursements. It was such a tremendous blessing during a difficult time.

Melanie Y.
"Even gave me a rental car"

When my transmission went out, I didn't know what to think. But, my claim was quickly approved, and they even gave me a rental car to use during the repair!

Erica D
"The NEXT day"

I wasn't sure about getting a home warranty as a new home owner but I signed up and forgot about it. A couple months later, my hot water heater went out, and they got some out there the NEXT day to replace it! No cold showers necessary.

Rodney H.

The Good Guides Difference

At Good Guides, we're breaking the mold. We're replacing old-school sales tactics with a community-driven model of protection. Rather than endless spam calls and impersonal interactions, we believe in friends helping friends. We treat every person as a VIP with a dedicated support professional.

If we can't find you a policy that perfectly meets your needs, then we don't recommend one.

Will Costs EVER Stop Rising?

Home Emergency Repairs

Spending on home emergency repairs is up by over 42%

Why home repair costs were so much higher in 2022...
Vehicle Repair Cost Increase

Vehicle repair prices have jumped over 23% since just last year

Car repair prices are rising much faster than inflation...
Homeowner Regret

The % of homeowners that said ownership was more expensive than expected

New homeowners experiencing regret over rising costs...

Over 2,000,000 Assets Protected